Thursday, November 1, 2007


There has been silence, I know. Another fire, perhaps, you ask? No, just catching up on work and looking vacantly at my messy house, which looks, incredibly, like a natural disaster hit it. It did not.

I have a heartwarming story to tell, but I'll save it for a time when I have a little more energy. So for right now, I'll stick in an excerpt from an email I got from Brandweek - The Daily Insider (dated today) about a potentially nifty new product. Check it out. Let me know if it works. I think plungers are disgusting.

WE FEEL {see comment for detail}: We got a pitch from a California company that wants everyone to know “Pressaire is a completely new, simple, and easy way to unclog a toilet without contacting the toilet water or clog.” (Ew. The “Clog.”) At the Pressaire Web site you can see an illustration of the device which resembles a big-blue Whoopee Cushion. You’re apparently supposed to lay it over the commode, then press the seat down on it to release a burst of high-pressure air that will allegedly clear the blockage. (We say allegedly because we couldn’t get the video to play; tried several times.) The only thing that would make this a GREAT product would be if it also made a Whoopee-Cushion-like noise while working. Yes, we’re 12; why do you ask?

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  1. I am the inventor of this product and though you did not intend to your words "WE FEEL CHEATED" show up when googling PRESSAIRE and may turn customers off. If you could delete that phrase from your archive file it would be greatly appreciated.

    By the way, you should be able to view the video on youtube.

    Don Martin
    Dontecor Enterprises, LLC