Saturday, December 24, 2011

This blog HAS MOVED!

After a good amount of experimentation while working on a site for my kids (KidsBookyBubbles), my eyes were opened to the joys of owning your own URL!  So I looked into purchasing the logical URL for this blog -- which would be -- but SOMEONE OWNS IT!  I was shocked. It was kind a word I made up, and I didn't even really love it, but it was what I could cobble together in the mental state I had with two children under the age of three.

Alas, my mental state is no better nowadays, and any other name I could think of was already taken.  And so my new title is just that:  All the Good Blog Names are Taken . I was very much at risk of what happened to Dillon Edwards Investments on Saturday Night Live.

So all this to say that if you want to keep subscribing, please visit  All the Good Blog Names are Taken.
If you subscribe via RSS, if I've done things correctly (50% chance) your feed should have already been updated.  If you subscribe by email, please go to the new website and click on the email icon in the upper right hand corner to sign up for updates.  Happy holidays everyone!!!