Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bumble & Bumble Dry Shampoo

If you're wondering why I haven't written for a few months, which you're probably not unless you're me, the person who reads this blog, then I will tell you.  Somehow, weeks after I left my last job, I ended up at a venture-backed company.  That means that I am no stranger to the 16-hour workday.  And better yet, I can start my day as early as 3:45 AM.  Needless to say, this has shifted my priorities a bit.  I am now willing to pay 40x what I was previously willing to pay to save myself a minute or two. 

So I know I am the person who said that the best dry shampoo I found was the $1.99 corn starch from the grocery store.  And that was true back then -- but it does take some work, especially when you have black hair (though perhaps I won't for long -- in the past few months I've seen a frightening emergency of gray -- very wiry, gravity-resisting grays), to make it disappear.  Enter the Bumble & Bumble hair powder (pictured here in black, but I actually got the white, imagining that after a harrowing day at the office I would have worked a black-colored powder all over my face by the end).  It smells like nothing (all the others I tried smelled revolting once put on my hair).  It sprays a really fine mist so you don't end up looking like Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozart.  And yes, it costs about $40 from my local salon, but you can get it on Amazon for cheaper.  Totally worth it to me for the extra few seconds it buys me in the morning.  I've started running too (which warrants a separate post -- those of you who know me will now also know that hell has frozen over and pigs do fly), and this is a great post-run time-saver.  And so far, no clogging of the nozzle which was a real problem with the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo.  Thank you Bumble & Bumble for letting me sleep in until 3:46 AM!