Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Literal Video. Enough Said.

I Heart Guts

I got through Christmas with a continuous cocktail of Day-Quil / Ny-Quil (I know, you can't make a cocktail with pills, but leave me alone, I'm sick!). I've been sick now for three weeks, and keep having to clear my throat, so during meetings at work everyone keeps looking at me expecting me to make some kind of announcement. I've also been feeling dizzy and generally stressed. Anyway, Happy New Year!

For Christmas my brother and his fiancee got me the T-shirt to the right. It's made by a label called I Heart Guts, and since I've been sick I have a greater appreciation for my guts. This one says "womb service". All the designs are based on cartoon organs. Here is one that says "I'm a liver, not a fighter." I like their descriptions too; here is one for a brain t-shirt:

Hey, smartypants, you've lived long enough without a happy shoutout to your neural network. Celebrate your fabulous brain (yes, yes, we know it's technically not a gut) with this tee silkscreened on a heather gray 90% cotton/10% poly American Apparel tee.

If, unlike me, you live in a city that has culture, you might find them at Bazaar Bizarre as well. I Heart Guts offer plush toys as well, though I'm not really sure what you do with plush internal organs, and my kids don't really like to role play "kidney" and "lung".