Friday, January 16, 2009


Every once in a while you stumble upon something that makes you inexplicably happy. For me, it was the discovery of Etsy, "your place to buy and sell everything handmade" (note it is not "the place where people buy the things from me that are handmade", because nobody seems to like the things I make). The product to the right is from a seller named yooboro who seems to specialize in plush not-scary-monsters. While I don't have anything against mass-production (see what happens when I get into an H&M store), I do have an appreciation for things that are handmade, and are less ugly than the things handmade by me.

Etsy has a lot more than colorful plush monsters. I'm amazed at the things people make -- from unraveling and re-knitting vintage sweaters to quilting enormous wall hangings. You can get cute handmade skirts for $15. My kids got a pair of the most exquisite Japanese-anime-sort of wool dolls from an Etsy seller for Christmas, and I just marvel at the maker's command of proportion and the magic elements of achieving ultimate cuteness.

Inspired (as I am, just once a year) to pick up my knitting needles again, I discovered this amazing craft blog called (here, I was interested in how to sew a lining for the knit bag I will probably finish circa 2021: . I did make my first hat, though. Which is really useful when it's 75 degrees and sunny year-round.