Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What are we having for dinner?

The first thing that I usually think of when I walk through the door after work is what I should make for dinner (lest we end up eating what's pictured to the right here). I love to cook, but cooking is a lot more fun when 1) you have a lot of time, 2) there isn't anyone holding onto your ankles, and 3) when you haven't just come home from work.

I'm trying to get better about planning. So I've planned my meals for the next week. Maybe it'll give you some ideas too, so you at least won't have to think of things to make. Being a mom is also like running a restaurant that's open every day, and if you don't have enough variety your customers complain. Or refuse to eat. Or repurpose the food as clothing, for instance.

Here's what we're having this coming week (I try to go to the grocery store on Wednesdays because I hate the weekend crowds):

  • Meat lasagna
  • Chicken curry with rice and carrots
  • Grilled steak with broccoli, carrots and mashed potatoes (ooh, carrots back to back -- oh well)
  • Salmon with lemon, fennel and tarragon; asparagus, cous cous
  • Pasta with tomato sauce (a veggie dinner, since we're getting a babysitter this evening who is vegetarian -- I'm going out to eat!)
  • Steak fajitas (using up the leftover steak)

I usually also buy one prepared meal, in case I get really lazy and don't want to cook dinner. This week, someone else is actually feeding us on Sunday, so I have one less meal to make. Trader Joe's has some great prepared meals, but it's kind of far away so I rarely go there. The Costco Kirkland brand meat lasagna is also incredibly good -- I get more compliments on that than when I make my own. Happy eating!

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